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Alexandra’s SHE Returns course resolved my continuous struggle to improve my health. I have learned a lot from her and our intimate group. I came to know the importance of meditation, Early Light Dinner (ELD), and what an earlier sleeping habit can do to your body and your face. Even if you don’t concentrate on losing weight, you’ll feel lighter and will have that glow – if you heed Alex’s guidance. Mindset, time, and effort is a must if you want to see your goals come to fruition. I greatly appreciate the opportunity of having met Alex, Aedin, and Zoe – you are all an inspiration. Love yourself.



Good coaching & Alex’s ability to hear the untold, focus on experimenting with life changes (makes it easier to try them out without commitment, and then, lo and behold, one likes it!), leaving that knowledge comes from failures.



Great resource, the meditation challenge…definitely something to practice and get into. Feels currently partially foreign… it’s almost like what I call “channeling” in my dance practice but different. Mostly just noticing how I feel after doing it. So far its kind of like when I eat something I have never before and I can’t tell whether I like it or not, its just new



Dear Alexandra, I wanted to thank you for the amazing journey I experienced with Creating Space. The way you design your classes and the love you put into each session make it very unique. Your professional yet authentic, loving, and understanding way of coaching and guiding creates a very calming atmosphere that has never given me the feeling that I must achieve something but rather made me dive into my depths. You are able to go into depth but still make it accessible for the entire group and guide each group member through their individual journey. Each session was an inspiration and there was always something (or more) to take with and experiment with it. With the 10 habits based on the holistic science of Ayurveda and Yoga I gained a lot of understanding for my body’s needs, I’m being more aware of what serves me, I know how to take care of my well being and thus I got closer to my authentic self. To me, this year has provided me a lifelong experience and has given me tools I now know how and when to use. Above that, I really enjoyed meeting up with people every week (virtually) I haven’t met before and started to build a relationship with the members, which I always looked forward to seeing again. The group sessions constantly remind you that we are in this together as well as that we have each other’s backs. Thank you so much!



Being part of Creating Space has opened up a new world for me. I had been living mostly in my head and had not really paid any attention to my body and what it needs. Alex, along with the supportive community she has created, has helped me begin to reframe how I live each day and how I view the world. I love Alex’s teaching – she combines ancient wisdom with the latest modern thinkers, summarises the most important things, and makes them relatable to my life.



Many thanks, Alexandria for helping me become clear on what actions to take to ensure that I get the most out of the courses I have signed up for.

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Alexandra and the course “Creating Space” including the weekly community check-in sessions have been such a blessing. Throughout the last years, I had been searching for my unique way of living my life tuning in to my needs instead of being swept up by what is happening around me. While holding the space for exploration, Alexandra brings in massive knowledge and wisdom when it comes to supporting this path of self-empowerment through ayurvedic insights. What I love about Alexandra’s approach is that while she can be deeply challenging she never judges and always fosters a deep trust in oneself. So, I leave the journey with a deeper sense of calmness, clarity, and trust that I have everything within myself to shape my life the way I want it to unfold. Thank you.



You truly blow my mind. Every time I connect with you in a private conversation you manage to turn my view around within 20min, so that everything starts shifting and comes back into the flow



Alex is knowledgeable and a brilliant teacher. She knows when to push you and when to let you rest. She observes the minutiae of one’s posture and breath and has a sixth sense to know where is one emotionally and mentally. She is a great guide.



The habits and insights definitely take time to integrate and to blossom in your life – as such I’m really glad that I was able to take part for a year. While some of the primary physical aspects resonated with me more immediately (things like sleep, movement, self-massage…), some of the benefits to the spirit and mental health are only showing up for me fully now – things like spending intentional time in the kitchen and being in charge of my own time are deeply inspiring to me at the moment. So in many ways, completing one year of Creating Space was only a starting point for me, not an end goal.