Bringing Back 

the Joy of Being

an Ayurveda-Yoga focused Retreat
at Zen Rocks Mani - Greece


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Come and be nourished on this Greek Escape


The Greek Escape is an invitation for you to experience the healing and creative energy of an ayurvedic-centered lifestyle, as part of a loving community and in a serene environment. The practice of moving your body consciously (yoga) and various forms of meditation will support you to reconnect with your body.
Simple self-applied ayurvedic treatments and creative and sacred practices (journaling, chanting and ancestral healing) will allow you to heal and connect deeply, so as to open up to the loving presence of Being.
One of the community-enhancing elements of this retreat is the practice of cooking together and serving each other. People with no cooking skills always find a place in these practices by becoming sous chefs and helping with simpler chores.

Some things become easier with friends

  • Do you feel your life is pulling you in too many directions? 
  • Are career and relationship demands keeping you on autopilot?

Make a conscious decision to stop and reconnect to your life force energy with the therapeutic practices of Ayurveda (Science of Life). 


Find your inner compass this year 


1st - 7th May 2023


9th - 15th October 2023


and join us!





Fill your day with nourishing activities   


All activities are designed to reconnect you with your body, slow down your mind, and nourish you. The daily schedule is offered to make the most of your time, but all activities are optional.

While the schedule offers you to engage with writing, moving your body, chanting and learning a bit about Ayurveda and Yourself, you will also have ample time to lounge, absorb and digest by yourself or with others.For schedule details, see the schedule below


In addition, one afternoon is dedicated to visiting the local area, swimming in the sea and eating out.


Daily Schedule

The Spring and Autumn Retreats have different times due to the weather and light conditions. Alexandra will announce times on your arrival day.


Schedule Outline

Homecoming through Movement (Yoga, Mantras, Meditation)

     Breakfast Break

Teachings and explorations around Ayurveda


      Personal Time

Afternoon Gathering - Reflecting on the morning with the help of coaching tools

Ayurvedic treatments  



Arrivals & Departures

If we can help you in any way with your arrival and departure, let us know beforehand. Happy to make this easy for you.



Arrival Day:

There is a shuttle service offered by Zen Rocks Mani, or coordinate with a local taxi driver to arrive at Zen Rocks Mani from 3pm onwards.

We will meet at around 5-6pm to kick off with a light dinner.

Departure Day:

We finish the Retreat with a last Session together.

Breakfast is offered for those that like to leave with a full stomach.

The Center requires us to have left the premises by 11am.


Please note the pricing is split between Program Fee and Accommodation Fee.





Program Fee


for 7 Days


Plenty of Room Choices - for Each Pocket  


Accommodations at Zen Rocks Mani Retreat are comfortable, and elegant if not luxurious, made of natural handcrafted materials with organic Cocomat mattresses and pillows, and earthy sheets.  Lovingly made, all this is just the friendly container to support you to relax, let go of worries and stress, so you can delve into the kind of work your mind and body and spirit really long for… the true practice of “coming home".

Double/Twin Room


Comfortable spacious suite with private entrance from main Villa foyer/kitchen,and nicely furnished balcony with open garden & sea views.
Hand crafted elegant wooden furniture, Cocomat mattresses, organic cotton sheets & pillows, special lighting.
Organic kourasanit floors (made of river sand) and bathroom walls.
180 degree Panoramic Seaview.

Three Meals are included in Booking Fee.

Price: 810 €

For 6 Nights / pp

(Total Retreat Package: €1450,-)

Fun with Your Bestie

Single Room

A sea of tranquility, this Single room rests on the upper floor of each Villa, with its own external stone staircase.

The room opens to a private small balcony with expansive sea and sky views. This upstairs oasis also features a large private terrace, your own 40 square-meterprivate sun deck, and star gazing arena.

or  alternatively 'The Cabin'

Small Elegant room with walk-in closet, Italian tile floors, En-suite bathroom, view to the sea through front Patio and 2 windows, surrounded by olive trees.

Three Meals are included in Booking Fee.

Price: 1100 €

For 6 Nights / pp

(Total Retreat Package: €1740,-)

Book Me

Triple Room/Dorm

Nicolas Stone-house awaits you 

Featuring 1 bunk bed (2 single beds), 1 twin single bed, 1 single bed, and 4 smart wall closets, modern handcrafted wooden furniture, and 2 windows to nature, private exit to WC and balcony.
This bedroom has an independent entry to WC and kitchen area featuring:
Two showers, two WCs, two sinks, and a small kitchenette.
Also, independent is the access to balcony, with stunning views of sea & sky. Ideal for families, and workshop participants.

Price includes all meals.

Price: 580- 660 €

For 6 Nights / pp

(Total Retreat Package:  from €1220,-)

Nest with new friends


Take A Virtual Tour of the Rooms 


What are Sacred Connections?

  • Sacred means bigger than I
  • it describes the network beyond the obvious and tangible
  • and the sense that we are held and guided from somewhere deeper or higher
  • but also that our lives are a web of servicing each other and  the greater community

How will you experience this?

  • by experiencing a Lightness in Being
  • Your Inner Voice will be more apparent and important to you
  • You will feel reignited and connected to your bodies life force (energy)
  • it will be more apparent to you where you are of service and how to express this for your own well-being and the well-being of the greater community

Sacred Connections 2023

Enrol to an Experience of a Lifetime










What People are Saying:




Guiding You through this Experience:

Alexandra will accompany and lead you through the retreat.

For her, this retreat resembles a Gatherings where knowledge and wisdom meet. By offering her knowledge, participants can reach into their understanding and find their inherent wisdom.

Alexandra founded a studio in Ireland for movement and healing, learned various Ayurveda modules (consultation, massage, ancestral healing, and other applications), and has passed on her knowledge in workshops, yoga classes, lectures, and online coaching for more than 20 years. She has worked with Dr Robert Svoboda, Dr Claudia Welch, Cate Stillman, and other influential Ayurvedis, Tantrics and Yogis.

Alexandra’s current focus is beyond the learned methods – to embody and express the art of living here and now in a loving presence.

(+49) 0162 2596875

[email protected]




Where We Are

Peloponnes,Mani - Greece,

Zen Rocks Mani
Unnamed Road, Ditiki Mani 240 16,
Mani 240 16, Greece

From Kalamata Airport