Outer Travel - Inner Journey

Outer Travel - Inner Journey

Hosted by: Alexandra Kreis

Join us on an amazing journey through intimate conversations with people who share how they have learned to navigate through the world - leaping over hurdles, big and small - to discover new worlds and their own tools...


Positive Influence Of Retreat vs Holiday

Season #3

Retreats are meant to encourage healing and self-discovery by focusing your attention inwards, calming your senses and clearing your mind. A holiday does the opposite. It encourages you to open all your senses to...
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Making The Best Out of Your Every Day With Vedic Astrology - Kathleen Whalen

Season #3 Episode #4

For thousands of years, humankind has been looking at the cosmos as a guide to our daily lives, internal and external relationships. Ancient and modern, western or eastern, there are a plethora of systems on astrology...
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Is Your Relationship Making You a Better Person?

Season #3 Episode #3

We  explore what makes up a healthy relationship in the first part of a 5-episode talk with my husband, Ulli Helmstetter. In this episode of Outer Travel, Inner Journey, we break down what happens after the honeymoon...
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The Secret to Lead a Healthy Relationship

Season #3 Episode #2

It is important to listen to your partner, and talk about feelings. Communication is the key for a healthy relationship. So tune in, and take a peek on how Alexandra and Ulli do it! Support Outer Travel - Inner...
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Fierce Young Poet - Chelan Harkin

Season #3 Episode #1

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