Accepting and Loving Chaos - on and off the Canvas

Season #1

Why are we intrigued with Order but not with Chaos?
Is it only possible by throwing colours at a canvas, or how are these things intimately related to how we encounter life?
Bettina Semmer is an artist, art teacher, networker, and universalist - unafraid to stand in her truth. The moment she decided to not only draw portraits, her love for chaos, aka aliveness, and more of her insights about living a fulfilled life through her artistic career came to light.
Have a look at her Vita:
Bettina Elisabeth Semmer, born in Düsseldorf, became known for international exhibitions, films and interventions in the 1980s. Her studies with Polke and Richter in the film class in Hamburg and at Goldsmiths University in London contributed to her work becoming a complex questioning of her respective medium. Her recent activities include murals and workshops in the Western Sahara refugee camps near Tindouf, Algeria, participatory work and workshops, interventions in the city of Potsdam (The Good Life 2015, Pleasure Ground 2016), the exhibition "Cosmic Online" in the project space Museum Teufelsberg, Berlin, and "The 80s - Figurative Painting in Germany" in the Städel Museum in Frankfurt and the Groninger Museum in Holland. Semmer recently spoke with Michael Friedman on "How political is art?" in the panel discussion about her painting "Olympia 1972" in the Städel Museum 2022 collection presentation.