When you know you are not finished

Season #1

An avid meditator found her life's work challenged & reaffirmed by going to her physical limits. Today I met with Vivi Letsou - CEO of Zen Rocks Mani. A retreat centre - that aims for more than giving you good vibes and a place to rest and ponder. Let's look behind the scenes at what length Vivi and her team go through to create what most of us enjoy beyond the measurable - a centre where we can take time out to yoga, meditate, and reconnect with ourselves. Not to make you feel guilty but also to reveal that people like Vivi Letsou are creating places in the world from a bigger Vision. She recently came to a point where life tested her idea. Will she continue to create a site that is more than an income to her and a place for you - and why? Find out by tuning into this interview - if you get a chance, watch it on YouTube -you will have a visual of how the place looks #vision #visiontoreality #beingtested #zenrocksmani #viviletsou #passion #foryou #challenges #retreatcenterowner