Is there free Will? An Astrologers Perspective

Season #1

If there were a Crystal Ball that would tell the future - sure, we would all buy it because we are all driven to know what lies ahead. In this conversation, Gary O'Toole and I are pondering astrology. A way to map out what the year ahead holds for us while knowing we can't avoid misfortunes, but we can always embrace them with more grace. Gary also introduces his latest book that he produced within a year. Twenty years of Astrology Study compiled in this new beautiful book - describing the timelines or phases we are all going through, some of us without knowing and being surprised.


About Gary O'Toole

Gary O'Toole has studied astrology since 1996, specialising in Indian astrology. He has lectured at the Astrological Association and British Association of Vedic Astrology conferences. His first book, Cosmic Bodies explored the relationship between Āyurveda and Jyotiṣa. His new book, Timeline Astrology: Timing Techniques of India describes a common thread we all experience; natural stages of life and personal turning points. He writes a daily blog for patrons of his work and produces a magazine, podcast, and online learning platform. His readings impart an empowered view of the timeline of your life, available at

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