Ways to Improve Your Relationship Through Passion - Ulli Helmstetter

In this episode of Outer Travel, Inner Journey, Ulli and I will share our journey towards improving the passion in our relationship by being open and authentic to our sexual and erotic desires.

Although happily married, we acknowledge that a good sexual relationship should excite and feel like an adventure. Most marriages, like ours, is an exclusive and monogamous one. However, we are at the point where we are looking for ways to improve our relationship and are exploring the middle ground between monogamy and polyamory. An open relationship is a taboo topic for most relationships, and we are not there yet, but we are willing to talk about it, significantly if it will add spark and passion between us.

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  • We've been asking ourselves is this something that would be a development between the two of us to have an open relationship? And to look into how to be with other people that we have a desire to be with intimately. There's a saying in Germany "you can look outside, but you eat at the home." - Alexandra Kreis

         We know that a good sexual relationship and very alive erotic                       relationship also requires adventure, there has to be a little bit of                 tension, there has to be a little bit of new things. So how can one                 integrate that in to a very good relationship? - Ulli Helmstetter