Workshops & Free Talks

Invoking your Inner Beauty with Ayurveda

2 days to pamper yourself

When: Sat and Sun , 5/ 6th of August 2017

10.00 -12.30

Where:  Max-Steinke-Str., Weissensee

Price: € 69,-

About this workshop:

When we talk about beauty in the context of Ayurveda, it should be perfectly clear that we are not talking about market driven ideals of the moment. Inner and outer beauty are intimately related. The more we nurture ourselves, the more radiant we become physically and expressively.

The emphasis is on self knowledge and development of positive routines and habits that literally will bring out the best in ourselves.

The secret aspect of beauty refers to the energy, insight and inspiration it takes to balance the inner and outer.

of the lifestyle factors that will be discussed, the two that are most emphasised are diet and massage. Diet nourishes all the body tissues creating healthy muscle tone, clear skin and a natural aura of well-being. Massage works on all levels, improving the complexion, skin tone, body posture as well as nourishing the inner self.



  • learning more about Pitta reducing  foods 
  • what to eat and what not to eat
  • importance of balancing the 6 tastes to have better digestion
  • preparing a meal together and adjusting it for your Dosha Type



  • Some basic information on what is an ayurvedic massage
  • Oil combinations for your body type
  • Giving and receiving a calming facial and foot massage


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Allergy Relief Workshop

When: Tuesday 29th of August 2017

18.00 -19.30

Where:  Teleconference

Price: € 19,-


About this workshop:

In this workshop I’m going to teach you everything I know about getting rid of your allergies. 

I didn’t outgrow  my own allergies. I did figure out why I had them and how to uproot them. Ayurveda helped. Detoxing was essential. In this brief 90min workshop I show you the Ayurvedic process of uprooting your allergies at their core.

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and invest 90min of your time  (of your life) into a sneeze free future... Don't miss it!

19,00 €

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Weekend Retreat in Brandenburg

September Retreat - only 2 places left

Alex and Yellow Yoga go East!

A weekend getaway with Naama, Alex and Liat 


Join Naama, Liat and Alex for an intensive yoga weekend getaway to the beautiful Brandenburg countryside northeast of Berlin.


1. About the house

Ponderosa is a gorgeous artists’ community run by wonderful and friendly people! There are many volunteers helping and the place has its own rhythm and ideology. Find their mission statement here. We have booked two big dance studios and the Sauna will be heated on Saturday evening. There will be a campfires in the evening. It will be amazing – with nice food, nature, and space for breathing and creativity. If we are lucky there will even be some spontaneous performances to enjoy.

When: 8-10. September 2017


Where: Ponderosa, Stolzenhagen, Brandenburg


How to get there

It takes about an hour and a half to drive there (depending on traffic). The train to Angermünde takes about an hour and leaves hourly.  We will try to organize carsharing and train-groups, so you can share the petrol or you can buy a Brandenburg ticket together (29 Euro – 5 people). We will try to arrange a couple of Ruf-Taxis to correspond with the train arrival times at the train station in Angermünde.It would be good if the group arrives around 16.30 on Friday, so there is time to show you around and to explain the way of communication. We will stay on Sunday afternoon for an excursion, or a swim in the canal and leave Sunday early evening.


Program Details:

 What does the price include?

  •  Yoga classes in the morning and in the evening with different levels and different teachers. Classes are taught in English.
  • A morning and/or evening meditation practice.
  • Yoga theory and philosophy.
  • A special movement/ dance and/or yoga workshop.
  • The option of treatments with massage therapist Rachel (to be paid separate).
  • Campfires and sauna in the evening.
  • Six delicious and healthy vegetarian meals (with a vegan option if wanted).
  • Unlimited herbal teas.
  • In addition to yoga, you can choose to go for relaxing walks, enjoying stunning nature, swimming, little hikes and excursions in the nearby surroundings.