Bodywork based on Ayurveda

The action of the elements


Science of life

Ayurveda is healing through the senses

All healing methods, whether chemical or natural, are based on the observation and analysis of the surrounding nature. Pharmaceuticals refer to their basic formulas of plant structures (chemical formulas) and than being synthesize dand catalyzed to become pills. Natural healing methods are evidently more slow, but the body and spirit can digest them more easily.


Ayurveda refers in its healing knowledge to the larger forces and elements of nature and summarizes them into three doshas:

Vata - air and ether, Pitta - fire and water, Kapha - earth and water.


These 5 elements - earth, water, fire, air and ether - manifest themselves in the functioning of the 5 senses, as well as in certain functions of the  human physiology.

Tan means subtle and matra means elements.

The Tanmatras, the subtle elements are the objects of the five senses.

They are, therefore, sound, touch, form, taste, and smell; The five senses, tactile perception, vision, taste and smell.

The Tanmatras are the ways in which we grasp and process the objective world.

Just as we are imbalanced by the 'overdosing' of an element, we can also recover from this imbalance with the corresponding abstinence or counter-measure.


My work is based on these subtle interfaces, and I use both sound, smell, as well as images to reconcile the body and mind in the massage.

Indulge in an experience of the senses and try

a classic Ayurvedic massage


a stress-relieving massage with essential oils (AromaTouch).

Massage Prices


  Ayurvedic body massage

(With pure therapeutic aroma oils)                                       € 70, - 60 min

                                                                                                      € 95, - 90 min


  AromaTouch Technique (awake deep relaxation)              € 60, - 50 min