Better habits in everyday life to create space and health for you

10 comprehensible and practical basic principles of Ayurveda and yoga are rehearsed and automated over 12 weeks.

Reducing stress factors in life through a regular rhythm helps the body to rebalance and initiates self-healing.

The 12 week course is for you, if:


  • You feel overwhelmed by everyday life and want to find time for you again
  • You feel more hurt than usual, although you know yourself as a strong person
  • You are already in contact with yoga or other types of movement, but you finally want to practice at home
  • You want to get into your full energy potential or you just feel totally limp
  • You long for a time out and do not want to travel around the world
  • If you are looking for a good diet, but you have not found a proper rhythm or you want to get a closer look at nutrition
  • You've been in several training sessions that have brought you yoga and Ayurveda, but you do not have your own room to fit into your life?
  • You want to learn more about yoga and Ayurveda in everyday life
  • You have been longing for your own childhood
  • You are constantly tense and now have your nose and look for an approach

Course content


The course content is based on the ancient science of Yoga and Ayurveda and spiced with recent scientific knowledge about Habit Evolution

  •  10 habits in 12 weeks coaching (introduction and conclusion included)
  • Online training - weekly learning material (sent by email)
  • 3 private sessions and 11 group coaching session via video conference software (easy to handle).
  • Individual program for your yoga (or other types of movement you like) 
  • Material to measure your progress.
  • A system that helps you to remain accountable to yourself.
  • Yoga, meditation, massage, nutrition as well as sleep and eating habits are addressed 
  • Welcome package (with Hamam Towel, tongues, and a few other helpful surprises) 
  • A community that supports YOU on your way
  • accountability partner
  • Secret Group Forum on Facebook

I am looking forward to creating new space in your life with you and a like-minded community

This years online courses are commencing as follows:

4.Feb 2018

6. May 2018

2. Sep 2018

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