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Ayurvedic Cleanse and Yoga Intensive

9. -13th Oct 2017

Feel vibrant and stay healthy this Autumn by consciously shifting your diet and lifestyle for 5 days, engaging with a tailormade yoga intensive to support the detox process and with expert guidance and community support.

Why cleanse - not fast

Ayurvedic cleansing is unique in the world of detoxification because of its balanced, gentle, and nourishing approach. The dietary and lifestyle practices reflect the “middle path” of healing, where rejuvenation and purification are included in each step. This reflects an understanding that real transformation takes place gradually and subtly, in a way that our bodies, minds, and hearts can truly assimilate.

Whats in it for you:


  • access to a Live Forum
  • A straightforward seasonal protocol for 5  days that includes recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, and Ayurvedic lifestyle practices
  • A guided yoga practice with Alexandra to support the cleansing practice
  • Customization suggestions to address the root causes of current imbalances
  • Simple Ayurvedic herbal supplement enhancement recommendations


Choose how you participate:

Online Detox

You only have time to do the detox and you long to do it with your community.

You get:

  • all recipes sent
  • be part of the group by being on the Secret FB forum
  • 1 laser coaching call to address symptoms
  • 1 group coaching call
  • online support through email

Online Detox

25,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Detox with Yoga

Let's go deep and refocus:

Yoga classes are tailored to work with the cleanse, but are based on Shadow Yoga Principles.

You detox alone, but in the company of others. 

You get:

  • 5 yoga classes
  • all recipes printed
  • herbs, if required
  • online support through email
  • laser coaching after class
  • 1 group coaching call via ZOOM

Yoga and Detox

80,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Class schedule:


Monday 18.30 -19.30

Tuesday - Friday  7.30 -8.30


Venue: Max-Steinke-Str. 37, Berlin, Weissensee